Vampire Cleanup Department Full Movie

A secret organisation known as the Vampire Cleanup Department (VCD), whose members – known as the Vampire Hunters – is in charge of getting rid of vampires in the city. This explains why no humans have ever seen vampires around as the members are very efficient.




Therapist Full Movie

Yan is an ordinary girl with a mountain of problems in her life. One day, she has a severe cough and finds herself gasping for air. When she stops coughing, she finds that there is a thick, gooey greenish phlegm-like substance on her hand.




The Last Vampire Princess Full Movie

Delivery boy Pasha works in an express delivery service in Moscow. One evening, as he is delivering a parcel to a hotel, he witnesses a girl being attacked by a group of people. He steps in to save the girl but notices that her attackers possess strange supernatural powers




H.I.T. – De Romeo’s 2017 Full Movie

It does not go well with the Romeo’s. Especially Chris gets on his hips when Davy once again show up late to a concert where other singers are on the bill. When one of the artists will be attacked just before his performance, Davy intervenes. Chris and Gunther are amazed at his intervention and demand an explanation. Davy takes them to his house and shows how he’s been an undercover agent within the HIT mission. More he can not lose on this. But for Chris, this is proof that Davy is no longer with his heart in the Romeo’s. He also wants the Romeo’s to stop. And that’s just on the eve of the European Schlagerfestival.




Maanagaram Full Movie

A city-based thriller that is set to showcase Chennai in different light, the story follows four youngsters from different walks of lives and how they become interlinked. The foursome come to the big city with dreams but when reality strikes them, they realise life isn`t as easy as it seems.




School Tales Full Movie

Members of the school’s marching band are having their final rehearsal. They have to spend the night at the school, and a gang of mischievous students get together to tell ghost stories passed down through generations the horrifying “legends” of their schools.




To Love Or Not To Love Cantonese Full movie

17-year-old Casey studies hard as she prepares for her college admission examination. Her parents forbid her from getting into a romantic relationship so that she can focus on her studies, but like all teenage girls, Casey dreams of having a boyfriend. Her dream is soon realised as she starts to go out with Elton, who sits in front of her in class, but their relationship is short-lived as Elton breaks her heart. Three years later, the two meets each other again, and love sparks once more. But with the appearance of another man – the perfect guy Adam – in Casey` life, she has to make a truly hard decision as she also learns the truth behind Elton`s breakup.




Adiwira Ku Full Malay Movie

Based on a true story, the film is about a team of choral speakers from SMK Pinang Tunggal high school in Kedah, who won a choral speaking competition in 2015. The story follows the team`s journey filled with various struggles and challenges to win the title.