Vampire Cleanup Department Full Movie

A secret organisation known as the Vampire Cleanup Department (VCD), whose members – known as the Vampire Hunters – is in charge of getting rid of vampires in the city. This explains why no humans have ever seen vampires around as the members are very efficient.




Therapist Full Movie

Yan is an ordinary girl with a mountain of problems in her life. One day, she has a severe cough and finds herself gasping for air. When she stops coughing, she finds that there is a thick, gooey greenish phlegm-like substance on her hand.




The Last Vampire Princess Full Movie

Delivery boy Pasha works in an express delivery service in Moscow. One evening, as he is delivering a parcel to a hotel, he witnesses a girl being attacked by a group of people. He steps in to save the girl but notices that her attackers possess strange supernatural powers




My Ex and Whys Watch Online Full Movie

My Ex and Whys Full Movie Watch The message of Cathy Garcia-Molina’s My Ex and Whys is nothing new. It’s the same message that she has been repeating over and over again.

My Ex and Whys Full Movie Watch In You Are the One (2006), a romance between Toni Gonzaga’s government worker and Sam Milby’s expat, love conquers differences in cultural upbringing. In A Very Special Love (2008), a romance between Sarah Geronimo’s personal assistant and John Lloyd Cruz’s stoic billionaire, love conquers differences in wealth and social status. In She’s Dating the Gangster (2014), a romance between Kathryn Bernardo’s simple schoolgirl and Daniel Padilla’s school bully, love conquers time.